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 Ch. 1: Introduction 

 What are Godblasters?

Ancient myths tell a great deal about the gods, but many basic questions still puzzle scholars. Who or what were the gods? Where did they come from? Where are they now? Why do impossible events and glaring contradictions abound in myth? Soon you will see that the long-sought answers to these and many other questions lie in the realm of geographical imagery.

The "boot" of Italy is an example of a well-known geographical image. It is an image that is recognized by virtually every student of geography. Although many other geographical images exist, they receive little attention and are generally unknown. In ancient times, however, a multitude of geographical images were known and referred to often.

In this exposť, I reveal many of the long-lost images that created gods and shaped much of ancient thought. It may prove painfully shocking to realize the extent to which myth, religion and history have been affected by geographical imagery, but in the end it is better the truth be known.

Since many gods will now be destroyed by the geographical images that once created them, one might sportingly refer to such images, and those who discover such images, as "Godblasters."

Please consider the following illustrations in the order presented to best understand the ancient realm of geographical imagery.


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